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WeldTech’s 3
rd generation PTA Controller is the primary unit for controlling all parameters of the WT3500 system. The controller can be run in any of three operating modes; manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic.
The unit is a PLC driven system that can be operated via digital touch screen or analog controls on a remote hand-held pendant. Exclusive to WeldTech’s WT3500 controller are internalized controls for the Arc
Voltage Controller (AVC) and Oscillator components. Our units have been rigorously tested while running under real world applications proving themselves to be both reliable and cost efficient solutions for PTA
welding applications.
NOTE: This overview includes additional options not available in the base controller. For a complete list of features, options, details and specifications please reference the appropriate “TAB” above.

• Phase Logic Control (PLC) of all welding
• System locks down and will not pilot without
appropriate gas and / or water flow
• Touch Screen Display
• Color coded user friendly buttons
• Analog flow meter controls for plasma
gas, shielding gas and powder carrier gas
• Home screen displays set & true amperage, voltage,
powder rate and name of current weld program at all
• Manual, Semi and fully Automatic control
• System maintains a log of all gas & water flow faults
with time and date of occurrence
• 100 storable programs with 17
programmable parameters
• Integrated AVC & Oscillator controls

Program Modes manual / semi-automatic / automatic

Flow Meter Control (Gas) Analog (plasma, shielding, carrier gas)

Motor Control

  • Powder feeder (optional controller for fluidized bed powder feeder)
  • Oscillator
  • Z-axis Arc Voltage Controller (AVC)
  • Optional controller for positioner or gantry system

Storable Programs

  • 50 job routines
  • 17 adjustable parameters
  • Weld Current
  • Voltage
  • Powder rate
  • Up Slope
  • Down Slope
  • Pre-Flow
  • Post-Flow
  • Arc Voltage Controller (AVC) on/off
  • Oscillator Width
  • Oscillator Left Speed
  • Oscillator Right Speed
  • Oscillator Left Dwell
  • Oscillator Right Dwell
  • Oscillator On Delay
  • Oscillator Off Delay
  • Relay On Delay (for Positioner)
  • Relay Off Delay (for Positioner)

Voltage: 110 VAC / 230 VAC

Current: 10 Amps @110 VAC / 6 Amps @ 230 VAC

Dimensions 11.5″ x 24″ x 25″

Weight 60lbs

18 months, parts and labor.