PTA Applications

Plowshare points, Soil-tamper points, Harrower teeth, Tiller blades, Canadian plowshare points, Blade components of silo feeding equipment

Trucks, automobiles, highway construction and agricultural vehicles, cam actuators and shafts, Exhaust manifolds, Pumps, Mufflers, Brakes, Clutches, Cones, Synchronizers, Valve heads and stems, Inlet and exhaust seats, Eccentrics, Eccentric shafts, Rods, Rockers

Building Construction
Brick molds, Wear plates, Mixing machine blades, Fuller screws, Crushing cylinders, Punches and dies for ceramic materials

Pump shafts and sleeves, Rotating joints, Valves, Mixer blades, Homogenizer blades, Agitator blades, Molds, Shearing equipment

Food Processing
Extruder screws for vegetables oils, Grain mill equipment, Corn and sugar cane cutting equipment, Archimedean screws

Glass and Ceramics
Molds, Screws, Mixing blades, Kneader blades, Agitator blades, Shearing equipment

Leather Goods
Cutting tools and equipment

Circular saws, Planing tools, Awls, Debarking blades, De-leafing blades, Chip machine blades

Shear blades, Conveyor rollers, Surface cleaning rollers, Straightening rollers, Draw die equipment, Molds, Cast iron and galvanized pipe production

Mining Ore
Crusher blades, Power-shovel teeth, Conveyor chains, Agglomeration grilles, Scraper blades, Cut-off blades, Coke oven supports, Blast-furnace hoppers, Pump sleeves and conduits, Filters, Elevator conveyor belts

Naval Works
Rod ends, Blower turbines, Piston rods, Transmission shafts, Screw shafts

Roll cylinders for continuous machines, Drying cylinders, Mixers, Heaving plates, Pressure bars

Blowers and ventilators, Pumps, Heat exchangers, Rods

Power Generation
Turbines, Joints

All parts subject to wear

Public Works
Steam shovel teeth and edges, Excavator teeth, Bulldozer blades and teeth, Dredge rollers, Tractor rollers and track links

Tire molds – Mixers, Components exposed to wear

Shop Machinery
Tool machinery, Carriage guides, Mandrels and spindles, Tail stocks – Bushings

Special Applications
Electric motor shafts and bodies, Transmission and gear shafts, Crank and transmission shafts for pumps, compressors and engines, Pump and blower shaft, Gate valve seats, Rollers and cylinders for sheet metal, textiles, heat treatment and paper-mill equipment, Bronze and Babbitt bearings, Calipers – Cylinder sleeve inserts, pistons, cavitated cylinder sleeves, piston segments, Gas and water piston pumps,  Babbitt condensers and electric insulators, Tobacco industry, biscuit manufacturing industry, food industry, milk processing plants, shoe industry, Industrial sewing machines

Steel and Foundry
Ventilator and blower parts, Coke wagons, Blower nozzles, Feed rollers, Gaskets, Speed reducer, Ore and earth handling equipment,  De-flashing dies, Shear blades, Punches, Forging molds and punches, Sheet metal conveyor guide, Smooth-faced rollers

Filament guides, Diagonal cutter, Rollers, Heating plates, Cloth pullers